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Lancaster and Morecambe Lions Club normally meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at The Headway Hotel, Marine Road East, Morecambe, Lancashire.

The first meeting is a business meeting and the second often a 'social' event with a speaker or activity.

Guests and visitors are always welcomed but it best to check that the meeting is as scheduled.

SECRETARY: Neil Ryder, 10 Hamilton Drive, Lancaster, LA1 5HS

Tel: 01524 389425 Email

We welcome all requests for help both from organisations large and small and from individuals. These may include financial or direct practical help or even a combination of both. While we would like to meet every legitimate request we receive, this is just not possible with limited people and resources though we may well be able to link up with other organisations to help. One thing that we will guarantee is that every request for help is considered on its merits. While ideally we like to receive requests in time for our monthly business meetings, there are provisions for more urgent help.

Here are a few tips to help your request be considered smoothly:

All requests should be in writing with both paper and email approaches treated equally. However we are always happy to discuss and advise on the best way of approaching the Club.

Do not forget to include your name, your organisation (if appropriate), your address and a telephone number. It is suprising how many requests, especially email requests, fail to include these resulting in delays resolving queries etc.

Outline the nature of your request and why you need help. Include any supporting letters/material. Please note that the Club cannot help groups or individuals seeking help for political and/or religious causes.

All personal information given in support of a request is treated as confidential unless permission is given to use this in requesting additional information needed before deciding on your request.

Remember that Lions clubs generally prefer, where possible, to help their local communities and, where relevant, mention this in your request. For instance if going on a trip or training course how will this benefit others as well as yourself?

Where practical offer to talk directly to our us about your request. This is particularly valuable where pieces of specialist equipment are involved to help with problems such as disability.

Feedback and thanks are always appreciated as these also help us understand similar requests in future.

Publicity is always welcome and this helps show the public how we spend the money we have raised, but we also fully understand that this is not always possible.

Remember Lancaster and Morecambe Lions Club wants to help you or your organisation, but we need your help with clear requests and relevant information to be able to do so.

OVERSEAS PROJECTS: The Club has and does help young people going on overseas projects. As with all other requests for help every request is treated on its merits and in relation to the funds available. Make sure that you include your address and telephone number when writing to us, tell us a little about yourself and where and when you hope to go on the project.Far too often applicants fall at the first hurdle simply because they have not suppplied this basic information. It also helps if you are involved with voluntary organisations such as Scouts, Guides, sports groups etc.

You will also need to show what you have done yourself to raise money for your project and the total cost of the venture. You need to show the value of the work/training carried out during the project, how it will help you as an individual and give you skills and experience that will help others. When asking for help it is a good idea to provide a 'shopping list' of pieces of kit you will need and the cost of each item making it absolutely clear that help with any of these would be welcome and you are not asking for everything on the list.

Remember to say 'thank you' and it is always good if you offer to talk to the Club about your project and on your return to show how their money is spent. Even if they do not take up your offer, this always goes down well.

Finally it is worth remembering that many of the opportunities for foreign projects available to young people today were simply not there when most of the people you are asking for help were your age. It is up to you to convince them that your project is more than a holiday!